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Phone : 07875 617340
Email :

Mervyn Fernandez T/AS '58 ALL'
58 Alliance Road,
Plumstead, London
SE18 2BA

Based in Greenwich
Serving London, Kent, England
Virtual tours across Europe

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Google Maps

Sample Google Map

Google Maps API
Google Maps is a great way for providing geographical information upon your web site. You can zoom out to see the whole planet, or zoom in to see individual streets and houses. You get a satellite photo, a road map, or a hybrid of the two.

The Google Map API (Application Program Interface) also allows you to stick "virtual pins" into the map. There are a standard set of virtual pins available or you can design your own. These pins can be clicked upon to present a speech bubble containing additional text info., photos or hyperlinks.

The sample that is upon the Greenwich Church web site is created using an off-line database to generate a seperate Javascript file which is applied to the web page.

This is an example of how to draw circles upon a Google map. You can also draw polygons.

If Google Maps is what you are looking for then please drop us an Email!!

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