Bespoke Packages

Property Portfolio package

Our Property Portfolio package known as 'Estate-58' allows you to maintain your property portfolio web pages. For businesses that want to sell or rent properties - houses, flats, villas, apartments etc.

eCommerce package

Our own eCommerce package known as 'Checkout-58' is designed to interface with any legacy Stock Control System. It will take payments via Barclays ePDQ, PayPal etc.

Online Web Survey package

Our On-line web survey solution known as 'Survey-58' allows you to have a customised webpage survey based upon a paper survey. At the other end we can write algorithms to help analyse the data.

Content Management System (CMS)

Our bespoke Content Management Systems (CMS) come under the brand name 'CMS-58' which will allow you to log into your website and maintain your database etc. It can be adapted to talk to any media that understands the HTTP Protocol.

News toolkit

Our basic News Toolkit known as 'News-58' allows you to log into your website and maintain your News which gets displayed upon your website.

Custom Dashboard

For a quick overview of what is happening in your organisation a Dashboard with graphs and charts is perfect. Currently using Inspinia templates.

Bespoke Graphs

We can integrate your data into amCharts templates - and have perfected the Standard Deviation presentation on a Bell Curve.



Capturing the look, the mood, the emotion. On location or where ever it works for you.


Live events and concerts - up-close and personal capturing the moment - even the moments that aren't for capturing!

Object Photography

If you are selling products on the internet then you will problably want quality photos which will makes you look more professional.


Interior and exterior property photography - before and after renovation / decoration. Or simply for posterity.


Sometimes a fisheye distorted photo of a location can add alot of pizzazz!

Virtual Tours

360°x360° immersive imagery viewed using Flash plugin is a great way to virtually look arond a location.