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Mervyn Fernandez T/AS '58 ALL'
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Sabre Spares - The final chapter in the Sabre trilogy

Sabre Systems third web site for heating spares
Sabre Spares - The final chapter in the Sabre trilogy
Sabre systems 3rd and final web site for heating spare parts, tools and consumables has finally been launched. Following on in the thematical design of the Sabre Solar and Sabre Rigs web site, Sabre Spares offers a unique interface with their bespoke Parts database of over 18,000 records.

Data is extracted from the database on an hourly basis in .txt format, and the FTPed to their web server. This reduces the load on their server and does not compromise their security as traffic is all one way.

This data can then be searched either using a web form - either from their main web site, or there is a slimmed down web page that is designed for the PDA and mobile phones. This is extremely useful for on-site engineers to aid ordering of parts.

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