Internet Consultancy

Internet/Intranet advice & guidance

Business Overview
If your database system is old and you are looking to modernise it (or you havn't yet got a computer system), then we can suggest a 'pathway' that will consist of :

  1. Assessing your current systems (paper or computer)
  2. Defining the requirements of a new system (off-the-shelf or bespoke)
  3. How to get the new system up and running
  4. Getting your existing data onto the new system
  5. Re-training staff
  6. Documentation
As you may know there are countless solutions that could be suggested for your particular business needs. Our proposed solution to you will be driven by your budget and timescales.

Your very own Intranet
"What on earth is that?" I hear you ask! Basically, its the ability to have a web site on your network, that is only visible to people on your network. We can give basic advise on networking your PCs and setting up a web server. It will revolutionise your business!

Publishing small databases on the Internet
We can give you advice on publishing small databases on to the internet. We can take the data from your existing systems and create web pages. If you have several databases with similar data that you want to publish, we can take the data from each database, convert the records into one common file layout - XML, and then convert the XML documents into web pages. Wooooo!!! (replace 'XML' with the words 'Super glue' and it should make sense!) We can also develop web pages that will allow you to maintain this data. Wot no database?!!

Food for thought
Suppose someone in your organisation has a database on their PC which contains information that would be useful to others in the organisation. That person is happy for others to view certain items but doesn't want them to be able to update the database.   If you have a network you can allow others to view the data via their browsers - this is what we do!

Suppose someone else in your organisation has a structured document that should really be in a database. You would like to move it into a database without the hassle of having to type it all in again. We can do this!

You already have a database that everyone uses but you want to be able to browse some of the data on your intranet. We can do this!

You want to publish information on the internet but depending upon which web site requests the information, you want to give a different look-n-feel (colour scheme etc.). Or you may only want a subset of the information viewed from other sites.   We can do this!

If you are not sure what you want or if we can cater for what you want, then let's talk and see where it goes.