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Geographical information

If the Meta geo. tags didn't capture your imagination then hopefully the Geo RSS feeder file will! This is simply an XML file which can be fed into various internet maps to give them a new dimension (formally known as a layer!). The XML file has a standard set of XML tag names with variations being created by several companies. The main XML format is simple but is translated in different ways by the map providers.

I have created a simple GeoRSS.xml file for the Greenwich Church web site and called it GeoRSS.xml. You can view this file within a browser to appreciate the structure. It is a text file so you can create your own using a simple text editor. You can then test its validity using this FEED Validator.

You can now appreciate the alternative map services as they apply the Geo RSS feed :

You can also embed the map into a web page :

You have probably noticed that the Longitude/Latitude references are different between Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth! And to add to the confusion the Greenwich Meridian Line is no longer Longitude zero. So whatever application you use make sure there is compensation for this anomaly.

And here are the icons I have created to alert of the Geo RSS feed :

Icon: Geo RSS feed Icon: GeoRSS Feed

If this is what you are looking for then please drop us an email!