PDA web forms


With the advent of the PDA having mobile internet access comes a whole host of possibilities for exploitation. Internet Explorer running under Windows CE is a much "slimmer" version of the software you may be used to on your PC. For example, the way it renders some HTML tags differs slightly on a screen this small. The use of style sheets, font sizes and screen layout is a new challenge with it being a portrait rather then landscape shape screen.

For Jays Foods we exploited the power of the PDA for their sales reps to go out and do all their clients orders on a PDA thus cutting down turn-around time and the quality of the orders. Sales have gone up considerably with the sales reps not having to return to the warehouse out all!

The web form is generated using their web toolkit and downloaded onto a main PC in their office. To help keep down the cost of data transfer the web form is syncronised onto the PDA hence it not having to be downloaded everytime it needs to be used. The order is sent and the server replies with a simple confirmation order number. The order is then instantly available to the warehouse staff for printing off.

This is not limited to PDAs - its simply a cheaper device to run then an iPhone or an iPad. We can also design forms for other mobile devices using HTML5 / CSS3.

If you would like to find out more about this system or how we can exploiting your current systems, then let's talk!