Perl application developing

Perl website application

All bespoke web based projects are built using the Perl programming language. Perl is powerful! It is not limited in its use to just CGI (Common Gateway Interface) programming for interactive web sites. Perl can also be used as a batch scripting language.

If you have a legacy system that uses Perl and you need a minor tweak done to it but cant afford to employ a full time resource, then '58 ALL' can offer adhoc Perl support and development. Don't get left up the creek - if you need help you need only ask!

'58 ALL' can develop your bespoke web applications using Perl CGI. Being a cross-platform language means you will not be limited in how your services are hosted.

Perl batch processing scripts

If you are looking to data migration from one computer system to another, then Perl can be used to manipulate the data to change the format and layout so the new system can understand it. '58 ALL' offer a service of developing scripts to a given specification, which will speed up the process of moving your data.

With over 20 years experience as a Perl developer and over 30 years experience as an appliaction developer we can give you the perfect solution.

Perl for image editing

Using ActivePerl and ImageMagick we have developed a suite of scripts that allow for batch editing of scripts to resize and add a watermark.

If this is what you are looking for then please drop us an email!