QuickTime movies integration

The simple solution panoramics
The best type of panoramic pictures are those which are immersive images ie its as if you are there and you are not limited in the direction you wish to look in. Here is a simple example :

Los Gigantes (299 KB)

Full screen immersive panoramics
If you are running Microsoft Windows XP then you also have the option to make the image take up 100% of the screen. Be patient!! ..

Start International, Cafe (1.84MB)

Horizontal panoramics
There is also a type of panoramic picture that is only scrollable in the horizontal ie you cannot pan up or down, only left and right. Here are a couple of examples :

Bunny London Catalog (2.37 MB)
The Water Tower Shooters Hill (1.78 MB)

These images can be "embedded" into web pages using the <EMBED> HTML tag.

If you like what you see and want it then please contact us!