RSS News feed

Really Simple Syndication

Not as complicated or as frightening as the name may suggest. RSS is basically a way of sharing your "News" etc with similar web sites. You generate an XML file using a common set of tag names and publish it in your web space calling it rss.xml (or similar).

RSS XML file


This file can then be picked up by a program which will display your information in another web sites look-n-feel. What's in it for you? Each article that you provide will link back to your web site. ie if they want to 'Read More ...' then the link will take them to your site - hence your hit counter goes up, up, up! And Search engines love it!

The RSS feeds can be linked straight into your browser desktop. eg.

Link: Add RSS to iGoogle Link: Add RSS to my Yahoo! Link: Add RSS to my MSN Link: Add RSS to my AOL Link: Add RSS to Netvibes

or you can download free software from

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