Search Engine Optimisation

Do you want your web site to appear higher in search engine results? Maybe your current web site lacks the basics that search engines are looking for.

'58 ALL' can offer an overview of your current web site and give you advice as to how to improve the website so as to get higher ranking. What is pleasing for the human eye is not necessarily pleasing to the search engines. Your all-singing all-dancing Flash website might draw a blank on Google!

We can advise on 'on-page' optimisation (what needs to be done to your web site), and 'off-page' optimisation (web sites that link back to your web site) and strategies.

Why analyse web stats and net traffic? What do 'Spiders' look for on your web site and what do they hate? What is a 'Pay-per-click' campaign, RSS feed, organic SEO, link exchange, keyword density, AdWords, adCenter, meta data, landing page, web analytics, Robots Exclusion Protocol, ... the list goes on (sorry, I got carried away!)

As you can see there is more to internet marketing then first meets the eye - you can't afford to just have a web site and hope for the best. It is an on-going investment which needs to be tuned and retuned as the market changes.

Example, for the term "virtual tours london", this web site went from page 12 to page 3 in Google. For the Greenwich Business Directory the unique visitors went from 8 per day to 40 on the firstcut, and then to over 250 on the secondcut.

Search Engine Optimisation is all about increasing the popularity of your web site - a necessity if you want it to be more effective and reach a wider audience.

Is your website that effective?